Amanda has been dedicated to providing therapeutic support to grieving children, families and individuals throughout northern Colorado. Her approach is personal… recognizing each client and their needs as they navigate the journey through grief. 

Amanda co-founded Grief Support of the Rockies with Jessica Kuhn to help provide professionally lead resources to those grieving in Colorado. 

Traumatic Life Event

Grief is an emotion that knows no boundaries and can result from a variety of life events. These can include death of a person in your life, death of a pet, relocating/moving, the loss of a job, when grown children leave the home, or other traumatic events. Amanda will help you process feelings of anxiety, sadness, uncertainty or even depression. Everyone’s journey through grief is different however, a professional grief therapist can guide you on your path towards healing, because healing starts here.


If or when a marriage begins to unravel, a roller-coaster of emotions can quickly follow the decision to separate or divorce. Some symptoms can be denial, anger, depression, disbelief or relief. Feelings of loneliness, mourning, and guilt can also be common. Not surprisingly, when we look at grief through a broader lens, many grief symptoms will also appear. Grieving the life you had imagined for yourself and your partner, possibly for your children or pets, for example. We can work together to uncover a path towards understanding and finding compassion before, during and after this process. 

Medical Diagnosis

When presented with an unexpected medical diagnosis, thoughts of anxiety and worry regarding the unknown can feel overwhelming. Fears surrounding medical treatment, changes to your quality of life, or the overall outcome can lead to what seems to be an unending stream of apprehension. Speaking with a professional therapist can help to understand these feelings, validating the many emotions experienced as you and your family navigate this unexpected chapter in your familial story.  

Perinatal & NeoNatal Loss

Miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss can be a devastating and an extremely tough journey filled with loneliness, guilt, isolation and blame. Both parents often find working through complicated patterns of emotions after the loss difficult and/or overwhelming. Amanda will join you in your place of heartache to address your feelings and create a safe space for healing.