Professional Wellness

Workplace. Company. Business. Words that can be interpreted both in positive and negative ways. We spend upwards of 40+ hours at our place of employment and unfortunately, not all of us enjoy ourselves while we’re there. Amanda is here to help! 


Individual& Group Coaching

Looking for a more personalized plan to improve your goals and direction at work? Amanda can meet you and/or your small group and target topics such as compassion, mindfulness, and/or leadership. Together, we will discover how personality can compliment your profession, what motivates you intrinsically, ways to set appropriate goals and boundaries to help you reach your full potential.


Corporate Residency

Working directly with your leadership team, Amanda will provide tools to bring lasting change to your organization. Your team will have access to Amanda throughout the residency. One-on-one coaching, monthly engagement days, and office hours are included. We will build a company culture where employees enjoy coming to work, therefore performing at their best.

Men meeting
Business meeting
Team hands in
Man sharing to a group

Keynotes & Workshops

Amanda thoroughly enjoys public speaking and inspiring a room of individuals to take action. See her passion first hand and schedule Amanda to speak to your team, business, corporation, or event. Keynote speeches, lunchtime learning experiences, team-building retreats (both onsite and offsite) or at an intensive multi-day workshop.

Companies I've worked with

Amanda delights in working with a diverse array of people including working with businesses and groups.

I took Compassion Cultivation Training from Amanda Mahoney in Fort Collins. The three main things that helped me the most were: RELAX, MEDITATE, and have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Thank you, Amanda, for tools to help me with these life skills.

D. French